So... Last week of university, hand-ins are happening, it's almost 5am and I can't sleep. So, might as well scroll through my Tumblr and pick out some outfit inspiration pictures to share with you guys. Hope you enjoy, and if you're having lots of school work to do before Christmas holidays.. GOOD LUCK!





Hey again. Super busy with school work right now (hand in days are soon, aaah), so that's why I decided to do a post without any rampbling this time. Hope you guys like the look x




Cold Shoulder


Hey there. I've been really ill for the past week, but I'm finally getting better! I went to London for the weekend before I got sick and I guess the dirty undergrounds etc weren't really good for me. I couldn't get out of my bed, everything hurt, I had a fever AND tonsillitis... Not fun.
Anyways, I'm all good now, and unfortunately I didn't get that many pictures from my London trip.I might do a video for you guys though, because I did get some quick video clips there and there. The main reason for the trip was meeting my family again for the first time in over two months! I turned 20, my sister turned 22 and my mum turned 50 that weekend, so the trip was overall just a big birthday celebration. We definitely had a blast, London is just such an amazing city; there's just so much to see and so much to do.. I could definitely live there one day!

This outfit I wore a while back; It's quite classy, but still very relaxed and comfortable. I'm absolutely in love with this light pink blouse that I got from ASOS; it falls so beautifully and looks very elegant (even though it's a little wrinkly, I know, I know hahah). I paired the blouse with just some simple statement items from my closet and ta-dah; perfect look for day and night.





DSC04536 kopio

Hey again. I'm currently drowning in school work, but no worries, I'm somehow managing and actually kinda enjoying it. Thankfully this weekend I'll get some time off of school work/halls and I'm going to Edinburgh for the day/night. I've been to Edinburgh quite a lot lately, so you'll definitely get some pictures from my visits soon. I just love that city so much.

And because I've been there so often, I've also been buying so many new clothes lately, and that's definitely not a good thing for my poor wallet. Pretty much everything I'm wearing in this outfit is new, and to be honest I didn't really need anything else than just the winter jacket... But I'm seriously in love with everything else I got too, and already wearing them a lot. The deep v-neck and the super thick choker are just the perfect combo, and overall I'm absolutely in love with this look.

DSC04566-2 kopio

DSC04584 kopio

DSC04562 kopio

DSC04560 kopio



Balenciaga inspired


Just when I got the motivation to start blogging weekly again, my computer decided to be a little shit and run out of space for some weird reason (even though I deleted pretty much everything I could). Thank god for the worker at the Apple store who was kind enough to help me clear up some space from my computer. Great costumer service just makes me so happy.


Even though I always thought of myself as a confident person, especially when it comes to my style, I feel like in my home town something was holding me back a bit. Maybe it was the fact that I knew people would notice immediately if I wore something a bit different, or maybe it was the lack of inspiration I had around me, but for some reason, I feel like it's been improving after I moved to Scotland, to a direction that I very much like. Even though I live in a smaller town, I'm experimenting a lot more with my outfits and looks, and I'm feeling inspired all the time.

This outfit was inspired by Balenciaga's F/W 16 show. The off-the-shoulder jackets were one of my favourites from the whole season: Especially the oversized red puffer jacket, styled with the embellished turtleneck. Ever since I saw that look, I knew I wanted a puffer jacket too. I never really liked puffer jackets before, and I felt like they were something I would never wear, but that look definitely changed my mind. Now I'm in love.
I paired my puffer jacket+turtleneck combo with these jeans from Mango, that are the perfect add for this cool girl look. And I can't forget to talk about these gorgeous heels I ordered, while being blinded by the neon -50& off sign in the Missguided website. The lace up on the side makes them a bit more interesting, yet they are still simple enough to pair with a lot of different looks. They're also comfortable enough to wear to school. Major points for that.