Well hello there, look at me being an active blogger again. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite shows from the F/W season because I finally caught up with all the shows I wanted to see. I always try to keep up with the current fashion shows, and fashion news of course, but unfortunately I've been kinda lazy with it lately (been watching too much Love Island whoops). But now I've finally gotten back on track with it, and the next few days I'll be spending my mornings scrolling through Business of Fashion, Vogue.com, Dazed and I-D. If there's any other websites anyone can recommend please tell me by the way!

Anyway, onto the shows I've been liking. (pictures from Vogue)


Zimmermann's show was for sure on my top ten favorites for the season. Knowing me, I'm loving the oversized/slouchy feel in many of the looks and also the turtlenecks peeking under the garments and the delicate lace detailing, which wasn't too overpowering or romantic.


This year the VFiles platform showed the collections of three different designers, and I must say they were all very different yet very strong collections. I loved the revamped tracksuits mixed with the ruffly wool coats in Cathari's collection and the silk accents in Xue Gao's, without forgetting the weird but awesome biker-cowboy vibes seen in Strateas Carlucci's collection.


When I was just getting into fashion, I remember seeing Dsquared2's F/W 2009 show and absolutely loving it; all the cool looks and the models strutting down the catwalk with coffee cups on their hands. Still to this day I love how the designers know how to do layering, print mixing and fabric mixing so f*cking well. Their shows are always so fun to watch, because they always have a pretty obvious theme around them. And that's why it's no surprise that their show was one of my favorites again this year.


Oh Alexander McQueen.. May the genius rest in peace but Sarah Burton definitely knows what she's doing too. I love how she's always telling a story with her collections and the close attention to detail, this time with a lot of playing around with strings, fringe and sequins, creating beautiful hand-made prints and details to the garments. I also love how the color scheme varied from multiple bright colors and white to full on black and silver looks, showing the show's theme of paganism and ancient traditions very well.


Even though I loved Vetements' collection too by the always amazing and interesting Demna Gvasalia, I decided to include only Balenciaga to this list. Some of my favorite things about this collection were the coats that were almost like folded over the left shoulder, the huge knits and the balloon-like big dresses. Without forgetting the cool sunglasses that some of the models had, I want a pair too!


Fenty x Puma definitely shows that even though you are a celebrity, doesn't mean you can't design a collection (okay, I don't know how much she has had help, but still!). This collection was like Rihanna's version of the all-american high school, showing hints of the stereotypical jocks, nerds and goths. I loved all the bright colors that she wasn't afraid to use, and the mix of tighter crop tops and mini dresses with the oversized jackets and slouchy pants.


You probably wouldn't think that cowgirls and Nina Ricci could go together, but this collection definitely shows otherwise. It's pretty much Texas in a more sophisticated way I guess, and I loved it! Also I'm a huge sucker for big belts and fur bags, so I was definitely loving the accessories in this collection too.


Another amazing collection from Proenza Schouler! One of my favorite trends at the moment is for sure the shiny leather/pvc trend. So I mean.. Do I have to say more? There was so much of it! I did also love the fun cut-outs the twisted-looking dresses/tops... BUT THE PVC THO


Absolutely in love with this one from Y/Project and especially the themes behind it, that included historical royalty like Henry VIII and Marie Antoinette, but also a very different kind of royalty; the rap kings of the ’90s. The mix of those two definitely showed in the collection and created an interesting bunch of super voluminous slouchy looks mixed with some more feminine details like long slits and lace-y slip dresses.

So that was it, some of my favorites and my definitely-not-fashion-editor-worthy descriptions of what I thought of them! Until next time.





Hey guys, long time no talk for sure.. I had no motivation what so ever to blog for some reason and mainly focused on posting photos on Instagram because well, it is a social media activity just like blogging and I've just been enjoying the easiness of it lately. But for the past week or so I've been really missing blogging; actually going out to take proper outfit photos and writing a bit more than just a few words on the captions of my Instagram posts. So, yesterday I decided to take a few pictures with my mom for the first time in a long time and they actually turned out great! Maybe you will hear a bit more from me again here in the near future..


A lot has happened since I've been gone. I finished first year of uni (grade wise, let's just say I passed everything...), got an internship as an assistant for a fashion editor in Helsinki (which was AMAZING) got a flat for next year in Scotland and so much more. I might do a separate post about my internship if you guys are interested in knowing  a bit more about it, how I applied and all. But that was for sure the highlight of my summer so far, and well the first time I actually got to work so closely with the industry I'm passionate about and where I want to work at in the future. And even though my time in Helsinki was so nice, thankfully there's still some more things to look forward to this summer. My best friend is visiting me from Scotland in August and we're going to the Flow- festival in Helsinki for three full days! I went there last year and it was for sure an amazing experience and an incredible festival. And this year there's even more artists I'm looking forward to seeing, like one of my all time favorites Frank Ocean, without forgetting some other great ones like Alma, Vince Staples, Flume and so on. I can't wait!


Jacket/Thrifted, Shirt/Thrifted, Jeans/Bershka, Shoes/H&M, Sunglasses/Mango, Jewelry/H&M




Finally I finished my little video from London, hope you enjoy it!


Relaxed Layering


Hellooo, better late than never, here's another London outfit post for you guys. I wore this outfit on the day of the London Fashion Week Festival and absolutely loved it! It was perfectly warm for the weather and really comfy! I did have to change the shoes eventually because we were walking so much, but this is definitely one of my favorite looks I've worn in a while. Also, I'm absolutely obsessed with this corset trend (where the corset is already attached to the clothes), it looks so cool!






Hey again! Here's the first outfit post from London for you guys. This Adidas jacket is probably my favourite thrift store find ever, it's huuge, so relaxed and extremely comfy. I paired the jacket with a long hoodie, my Kendrick Lamar tee ( another favourite of mine ) and velvet flared pants. Hobo chic, shall I say?


xx Linda